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About AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd)

AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) has been structured to meet the demand of increasingly sophisticated market and business environment. The management of the group has unwavering commitment to the growth of the business on two fronts. The first is to provide high quality services to our clients. The second is to generate superior growth in the value of our business on a per share basis. 

People are AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) most valuable asset. The Group recognizes that it is through the dedicated teamwork of talented individuals that it can deliver a high professional service and nurture enduring relationship and long term loyalty with all its shareholders. 


AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) mission is to be dynamic and innovative financial services group, providing focused and related financial and management to its group of companies. 


AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) philosophy is to conduct its affairs with uncompromising honesty, integrity, diligence and professionalism and to be known for this by its stakeholders. In particular, all staff shall: 

•Not place themselves in a position where their personal interest conflict with their duties to AGM and its subsidiary companies and clients.

•Demonstrate a commitment to improve productivity, effectiveness and quality.

•Carry out their duties with due care and skill.

•Conduct themselves in a professional manner and according to the highest standards of code and ethics.

•Exhibit loyalty and dedication in all matters pertaining to the affairs of AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) of companies.

•Be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of their duties and respect the confidentiality of corporate and client information.

•Not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion or gender.

AGM Financial Services Group (Pty) Ltd) Code of Ethics encompasses not only all staff and directors of AGM , but also recognizes the ethical obligation of each stakeholder and the importance of a relationship of honesty, openness and fairness.