This subsidiary in the group offers wills and estate planning services.

AGM Fiduciary Services provides the highest levels of service, attention, professionalism and efficiency. Independent and focussed solely on Wills, estates and executorships, AGMFS sets new standards in Fiduciary Services. With over 100 years of collective fiduciary experience, our mission is to provide our clients, their dependants and beneficiaries with complete care, satisfaction and peace of mind. AGMFS offers a wide range of Fiduciary Services like;

Wills & Estate Planning:

Estate planning is more than the drafting of a will or the structuring of your affairs to limit estate duty.

Estate planning must consider your financial circumstances and requirements as well as the legacy that you want to leave. Your estate plan should evolve as and when your circumstances change. Our AGM Fiduciary specialists have the required knowledge and skills to help you to set up your own estate plan.

We come to You - There is no need to come and see us. Our specialists come out to your work or home at your convenience. There is No Charge For the Will Consult - We don’t charge for the Will draft, changes or amendments to your Will, or for the collection and safekeeping of your Will. Taking out a will via us you Save on Excessive Fees - Save on: Executor Fees, Testamentary Trust Fees, Conveyance Attorney Fees, and Policy Claims Administration. We deal with Simple & Complex Wills, Worldwide & Offshore Wills, Wills with Purpose Driven Trust  and Shari’ah Compliant Wills

Estate Administration:

In the unfortunate event of a loved one passing away, the details of their estate needs to be processed properly to give your family peace of mind. The administration process ensures all the terms of his or her last will and testament (if there is one) are carried out correctly. The process itself is highly technical because each individual’s assets, family wishes and circumstances differ. Because of this, the estate administration process usually requires professional expertise.

Executor Duties:

The duties of an executor are to ensure that the final wishes of a deceased person are carried out respectfully and effectively within the framework of legislation. An executor is usually the person considered most trustworthy to ensure the deceased person’s assets are divided up in terms of the last will and testament.

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